115X550 CMS
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Hand block printed Natural Indigo.
All natural fabric, hand loomed in Central India using silk wrap and cotton weft by expert weavers.

Hand block printed Indigo.
A resist paste is prepared using wheat, potter's clay and resin from trees.
Using this paste, trained artisans stamp traditional and modern motifs onto fabrics with great precision.
After drying in the sun, the resist-printed fabric is dipped into a vat of liquid Indigo.
The unprinted section of the fabric absorbs the Indigo and the resist-printed part retain the original colour.
Depending on the intensity of Indigo desired, the fabric is dipped one or more times.
Indigo will run a bit during initial washes but will eventually stabilize.

Manufacturer / Packer
Soma Blockprints Private Limited
SPL 115 A, Bindayaka Ind. Area,
Jaipur - 302012,
Rajasthan, India

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